Lindsay Tanney

Northwestern University Student

United States

A Senior majoring in journalism through the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. Minors in Radio Television Film and Psychology. Passions include broadcast reporting, video storytelling, producing video content, researching, and writing. I strive to make stories that stimulate people's brains and move them emotionally.

Inequality at NU - WIFI & Zoom access

A deep look into inequality at NU. I explain the economic disparity within our student body that leads to unequal remote learning environments and resources. I spoke to students, professors, and administrators to see how they feel the university is handling remote learning complications.

Mental Health Explainer

The number of people with mental health complications has increased drastically since the pandemic begun. With a cold Chicago winter around the quarter, residents worry how they'll stay sane with the lack of ability to be outside and socially distance. In this explainer video, I talk about where the US lies in terms of American's mental health, and provide ways to improve mental health during these trying times.

Valentine's Day PKG

What do stores do with their Valentine's Day food and decorations after the holiday passes? I found some creative ways people are giving back to the community by donating leftover holiday-themed food and items.

Ice Cream Story

Reported on how Andy's Frozen Custard is rumored to be closing in Evanston. I spoke to employees at local competitor called Kilwins to see what they had to say about the rumors.